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Jigsaw VC

A leading early stage VC fund that exclusively backs Europe’s most gifted entrepreneurial talent.

We're a team of investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers and have invested in over 200 companies on five continents, backed a number of unicorns and category defining companies.  Our fund investors include several of Europe’s best VC growth funds and entrepreneurs, giving you access to an unprecedented network.

Founding Team 👨‍💻


Dan Jones

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Most recently a venture partner at Northzone, led early-stage investing at Global Founders Capital and started VC investing career at Fidelity.


Dan Smith

Co-founder & General Partner

Co-founded a fintech VC fund in partnership with Anthemis Group. Held leadership roles at IBM across Europe & Emerging Markets. Launched IBM’s first cloud computing offering in Europe.

Why founders choose Jigsaw 🦄

Simply put, founders deserve better than the loosely-held promises of 'value-add' that’s so prevalent in VC today.  Access to investment capital is table stakes.  We provide an unprecedented level of support, often pre-term sheet, that moves the needle on outcomes for your company, even if we don’t invest!  Our VC brand is built from the ground up in the founder testimonials of those we work with.

We support founders to understand key inflection points in the startups journey to success and facilitate access to our deep network of world-class operators and domain experts who have faced similar challenges to you.

Portfolio 🚀

Portfolio Companies

Notable Previous Investments 🦄

The two founding partners have personally led 80+ deals and overseen 200+ investments at IC level. The team has co-invested with most of the tier 1 VC funds in Europe and the US. A few of our most successful companies are below...

Albert - Canva - Goldbelly - Grover - Grubmarket - Nested - Next Insurance - Revolut - Unmind - Yulife

Contact Us (for Investment) 📲

Jigsaw places a lot of emphasis on the quality of the founding team so warm intro referrals can help speed things up as it's a shortcut to signalling credibility - see our LinkedIn mutual connections for Dan Jones and Dan Smith.

However, we also don't want to exclude great entrepreneurial talent who may not have connections to us or are heads down focused on building an exceptional company so we want to level the playing field. Please feel free to submit your pitch at the link below. Rest assured this goes directly into our CRM so we see everything that's submitted 👍

Investors in the world's most talented founders.

Jigsaw VC LLP (FRN 935860) is an Appointed Representative of Gen II Management Company (UK) Limited (FRN 438890) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.